Innovation & High performance

  • About

    Blink was founded in 2009 with the strong vision of becoming the innovation process engine inside companies.

  • Approach

    We identify the best technologies to create value.


  • Culture

    Results-oriented professionals.
    Led by innovation.

  • Method

    Learning, Brainstorming, Prototyping and Production.


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Innovating in Education


A new way of learning

Blink collaborates on building a platform that allow citizens study at home, with excellent digital educational contents.

Innovation as a Service. Accelerate the speed on adopting new technologies.

We organize multi-disciplinary teams for companies to achieve soft landing in the adoption of new technologies. We are known as a source of innovative ideas that we take shape through interaction with organizational structures, managing change in methodical and natural ways
We understand the processes
We understand the technology
We move fast
We get things done

Innovating in Banking

We develop critical and real-time software components

Santander Rio and FirstBank of Puerto Rico case studies.

“From inside portals integration in Santader Rio Bank to managing subpoenas at FisrtBank, Blink presents solid and proven-results innovation services about Banking and Finance ”

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StartUps = our inspiration

We constantly work with startups and grow from entrepreneurial community.

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Product Development Strategy

From the beggining, we were strongly involved in DexManager strategy design and challenging components development.

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UX Mobile Experience

Blink Mobile Studio, Android and Native iOS development for consumers, deployments on cloud infraestructure, social media and messaging, all mixed on Pixel Perfect interface.

Innovating in Government

Smart cities solutions, designed exclusively to make citizen's life better.

The Buenos Aires City case study

ITS Platform with Digital Signage.
Predictive algorithms integration.
Automation platform for guided parking.
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Innovating with Big Data & Business Intelligence

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Insurance / Business Intelligence

Genworth Financial, Inc. (NYSE: GNW) is a leading Fortune 500® insurance holding company dedicated to helping people secure their financial lives, families and futures. Blink works on developing Microstrategy BI platform.

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Retail / Business Intelligence

NYGÅRD is a leading fashion company. Along with it’s new World Headquarters located in the heart of New York City, operates in Winnipeg, Toronto and Los Angeles; research and design studios in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong; and sales offices throughout Canada and the US.

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Telecomunications / BI & Big Data

Sandvine creates intelligent broadband networks empowering communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide with business intelligence, revenue generation, traffic optimization and network security.

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Internet of Things

CoolFuel I+D Project: Fuel Control & Logistics Cold Chain Control

Enterprise Perfomance Studio

Every company seeks to increase internal efficiency and accomplish compliance regulations, while focusing on its business.

Enterprise Perfomance Studio includes practices like ERPs Services, Legacy Systems integrations, Workflows and Forms modeling, Data Consolidation, Service Bus Development, Business-to-Business middleware, Customer Care and Contact Center.


A new vision on the production of human biopharmaceuticals

With a strong development platform and four production sites, AMEGA Biotech develops and produces biosimilars. Exporting recombinant proteins worldwide and focused on central markets registrations, AMEGA Biotech is the leading regional producer.

Blink works with Amega's production team to optimize the production process and implement trazabiliy of APM productus .

The Blink Team

Constanza Mignaburu
Argentina / Co-Founder / Enterprise Performance
Mauro Chemor
Argentina / Co-Founder / Government
Guillermo Bossero
Argentina / Co-Founder / Enterprise Performance
Leonardo Gallego
Argentina / Co-Founder / Technology Development
Cristian Balsas
Argentina / Financial Industry
Gaston Pompe
Canada / Big Data Analytics
Andrea Aquilane
Argentina / Papperless Workflow
Carlos Porta
Argentina / Consumer Frontend Experience
Igor Sales
Canada / Mobile Development

We build long-term relationships

  • "It's clear to see just how seriously these professionals take technology innovation".

    Santiago Aranguren
    Buenos Aires Government


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