We work together with imeca, a leader in the home improvement industry based in Miami, USA, in the digital transformation of the company. The Hardware and Lumber business is characterized by its low margins and high volumes, this means that processes must be strongly optimized to keep companies profitable within this competitive environment. Blink as Imeca's technology partner, through its Enterprise Performance Studio and Innovation Studio, has designed a Roadmap for the company's digital transformation aimed at improving the consumer experience with the Imeca brand.

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This roadmap , first of all, strengthens the foundations of the company with the implementation of an ERP that supports optimized business processes, in this sense, activities of process analysis, cleaning, transformation and migration of historical data are carried out. The implementation of this type of software where the processes of task automation, company de-paperization and digital transformation are reflected, requires adequate change management to ensure its success through the commitment of employees, considering them as one of the most important stakeholders of the organization in this internal digital transformation and its digital corporate culture. Identifying the critical processes for this industry is key when prioritizing a work backlog. An example of a critical process is the case of purchasing processes. For this process we include Analytics, Bigdata and AI technologies evaluating the behavior of users with respect to products and their seasonality among many other factors, with this tool we ensure the provision of products in stock, considering geographic distributions, and maintain healthy profitability indicators. Within the digital transformation roadmap, there are also the growth of the e-commerce system, the integration of the ERP with all the retail and B2B channels, and the implementation of the dApp logistics optimization system, among other initiatives.

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